Keeping your commercial ceiling lights on in your office is important to your business. After all, everyone needs to see to get work done. Light fixtures may be expensive, but faulty lighting is more inefficient and also a workplace hazard if not replaced soon enough. Automated Lights and Shades’ team of professional electricians has worked with businesses throughout Manhattan, and here are the five signs we see most often that mean you need to look at replacement ceiling lights.

Faulty Lighting

There are a number of signs that your ceiling lights were poorly installed; flickering, odd smells, buzzing, fixtures overheating, and more. If any of these persist for too long, they can pose a risk not only to having lights in your office but also to the safety of your building. If any of these are occurring for more than a week, you should contact a local electrician to see if there’s something wrong with your wiring.

Flickering, in particular, is the problem we notice most often. Compared to other electrical appliances, light fixtures don’t need a lot of electricity. This is why when lights start flickering, you should be concerned. Flickering lights with light bulbs still well within their lifespan means that something is off about the electricity coming into your lights’ wiring. Even if the flickering isn’t severe, it could be an indication of a bigger problem, and waiting for other signs that your wiring was installed incorrectly will only lead to more damage done on your wiring and more to replace.


If you’re remodeling your office, you may already be considering changing your commercial ceiling lights. Consider then as well that your light fixtures are one of the most important passive parts of your office, since, without them, your office would be considerably dimmer. This may not be a centerpiece that everyone will be looking at or first to comment about, but having good lighting is important in making your office aesthetically pleasing to clients. You’d rather no one notice the lighting than everyone notice a problem with it.

Energy Efficient

As technology becomes more modern, so does its efficiency at using less electricity to do the same job. While you shouldn’t replace your commercial lighting every time a new model comes out, keeping it relatively updated with light fixtures that have come out in the past 10 years can help you with cutting down on utility bills. These more recent commercial lighting options will often pay for themselves in the reduced amount of electricity they’re using.

Not Providing Enough Lighting

If your ceiling lights aren’t providing enough lighting for your business in the first place, this may be a sign to get a different light fixture. Eye strain is a distracting irritant that will cut down on efficiency at your business. While this may also need to change with your light bulbs of choice, modern fixtures can add dimmers to brighten or dim a room to find an appropriate light level for everyone to work in. With proper lighting, your employees will be able to spend more time doing their job and less time on squinting at their screens.

If you’re looking at improving the commercial lighting in your Manhattan business, then choose Automated Lights and Shades. We have a wide selection of modern, stylish commercial ceiling lights and fixtures to help make your office the brightest it can be. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or ask about our catalog. Improving your business’s efficiency and productivity can be as easy as flipping a switch, so don’t wait. Contact Automated Lights and Shades today.