If you’re preparing for a commercial light installation, you likely have already done a good deal of planning. Automated Lights and Shades wants to help you make your installation process simpler. This blog will discuss the steps you need to take to prepare for your commercial installation to make sure you and your business are ready to handle your installation, as well as work around the changes it will have on your office before, during, and after the installation.

Set Schedule

Once you have a day scheduled for your light installation, it’s important to get everyone on the same page. Your employees don’t want to find their desks blocked off because of installations, so be sure they know in advance where the construction will be and how they can move around the office to still get their work done. Having these plans prepared in advance and sent out as a reminder can help keep your office moving forward even with your light installation going on.

As an additional step, if you share an office building with other companies, it’s courteous to let them know that construction will be going on in your business. The noise from the installation as well as electricians and contractors coming to do work will interfere with their work just as much as yours. Don’t surprise your neighbors and send your schedule to other managers in your building.

Clear Work Area

It’s important to make sure anything in the area of the installation is moved out of the way. Ceiling light installations will mean debris from your drywall on the ceiling, but also electricians could potentially need to get into the walls to rework wiring for new light fixtures or to update your wiring. This could mean opening even more walls. Move as much as you can before you know exactly where your contractors will need to get.

Additionally, it’s important to have open walkways, particularly for bigger ceiling light fixtures. The fixture will need to be carried into your office to wherever the construction is happening.This means there should be cleared walkways from the entrance to that location to make your electricians’ jobs easier to complete. If you clear these areas in advance, you will make your contractors’ job simpler, meaning it will be easier for them to finish and for your office to get back to work.

Clean Up

After your commercial light installation is complete, it may be tempting to rush the cleanup process to get your business back in order. While it is important to put things back in order, rushing it will take away time from your employees getting their other work done. Instead, break up the tasks for the next week after the installation. Start small, which means getting your cleaning team to clean up extra drywall and dust from the installation, then move into putting furniture back.

Back To Work

With your cleanup done, you can get back to work. That said, your new lighting may take some time to adjust to. Newer, brighter ceiling lights could mean redecorating your office to take advantage of all the new lighting. This means additional time taken to move desks or waiting rooms. Once your office is situated though, you can finally start taking advantage of this addition to your office space.


Getting new commercial lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with Automated Lights and Shades, we’ll make sure that your installation is as easy as using our lights is. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for your Manhattan office or for questions about our lights and shades to see what will fit your office space. Making your office more efficient is as easy as flipping a switch when you choose Automated Lights and Shades.