Have you ever watched a video and suddenly the lighting starts to change, seemingly on its own? We aren’t talking about haunted houses where the lights are supposed to flicker, but rather those times when the tint or shade of the lighting seems to change rapidly on the camera even if the lights themselves aren’t turning off or on. This is a side effect of having a bad light profile, and it’s more than just your office tour videos that it can affect. Today, Automated Lights and Shades will be discussing what a light profile is, what is does, and how you can correct it.

What Is A Light Profile? 

A light or color profile is a photography and filmography term that refers to the type of lighting you have in a setting. While there are certain light setups that can be used for thematic effect, there are objectively good and bad light profiles. Good profiles work to make photos and videos look better to the eye. These typically involve a balance between natural and artificial lighting, one main color theme, and equal lighting throughout a space.

What Does It Affect In Commercial Lighting?

Lighting profiles impact any videos or photos taken in your office. Poor lighting can make your company seem less professional, even if the product or space itself is high quality, which is bad for your business. You always want to put your products in the best light.

A bad light profile is usually an indication of bad lighting in your office, which affects your employees. If you’re moving through your office and there are different colors in each room, or pockets of lighting that are too bright or too dark, it’s more likely you have an issue of equal lighting in your office. Poor lighting in your office can make your workspace less productive and less professional for clients coming into your office space.

Inconsistent colors in your lighting has a passive effect on your whole office. If there are patches of red light leaking into your workspaces, it can make your employees sleepy. If the lighting is too bright or too blue in your waiting room, your clients may feel on edge in the sterile lighting. 

How Can It Be Corrected?

There are some easy things you can do to improve the light profile in your office space. To start, make sure you buy light bulbs that give off the same shade of light. This will prevent overlapping colors making the lighting muddled and confused. Next, make sure you have updated shutters and blinds to balance sunlight with artificial lighting, which also will reduce glare in your office as an additional bonus.

Other things you can do will depend on your office space. If you are using other colors of lighting to add those passive effects in certain rooms, then you need to make sure the lighting’s color itself isn’t bleeding into others to mess with those room’s light profiles. This can be prevented with dimmers, tinted glass, shades, or with color customizable LED lighting. Commercial LED lighting will be one of the easiest fixes to your light profile as most LED lights can all be adjusted for brightness and color. This means certain rooms can be changed without affecting others, or your lighting can be changed to better fit the time of day or weather.


For better light profiles and light control in your commercial lighting, choose Automated Lights and Shades for your Manhattan office. We’re ready to help you install new fixtures, update your light control, or switch to commercial LED lighting to improve your office’s light profile. Contact us today to get a free estimate and to start putting your business in a better light.