Choosing light bulbs for your office can be a difficult choice. There are a lot of options on the market, and the choice you make could result in needing to change your light fixtures to fit your bulbs as well. Automated Lights and Shades works with businesses in the Manhattan area, and we have years of experience helping business owners make decisions on their commercial lighting, which is why we wanted to discuss the options you have to help you decide which may be right for your business.

Incandescent Bulbs

The easiest option is to get incandescent bulbs, which are the most common and cheapest bulbs. These light bulbs have a short life span but can easily be programmed with dimmers to fit their already lower range of light. Their lower light output makes them ideal for desk lamps and smaller offices, but they won’t cover large spaces and work areas as efficiently, leaving your employees squinting. If you have smaller office spaces that occasionally need some individual lighting, these are great options, but if you need to brighten a wider area, there are better options.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are a brighter and more efficient version of the incandescent bulb. Because of their longer lifespan and more ready compatibility with dimmers, they are also very efficient for desk lamps and small office spaces. While they are brighter than incandescents, they aren’t so much brighter to be an optimal replacement for large office spaces. They may be able to light medium-sized office spaces efficiently, but they shouldn’t be stretched too much further.

Screw-in CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs are a smaller fluorescent bulb that can easily light up large office spaces and conference halls. They’re incredibly cost-effective, making them a good choice for bigger businesses with a lot of bigger office spaces to keep lit. However, their bright white light can be a bit intense and coupled with these bulbs tendency to flicker, these lights can be aggravating to the eye, causing distractions in your workforce. Pairing them with a dimmer can help, but these lights may be better for rooms like garages and conference halls over office spaces. 

Screw-in LED Bulbs

These are your standard LED lights and the most efficient of the standard types of light bulbs. Already wired with a computer chip inside, these lights will work with dimmers and even change colors to match the light profile you want to give your office space. Their incredible versatility is often faced with their higher purchase cost, which can be a big deterrent for switching to LEDs. However, with a nearly 25 year life span, these light bulbs more than pay for their purchase cost by reducing utility bills and being a long-lasting investment. Their brightness allows them to easily light moderately sized office spaces, though if you have a bigger space you need commercial lighting for, one of the next two options may serve you better.

Linear Fluorescent

If you’ve thought of fluorescent lights, you’ve likely imagined linear fluorescent light bulbs. These long tube light bulbs are highly efficient, only beat out by LED fixtures, and incredibly affordable. They can easily light larger spaces, like conference halls and large workspaces, making them great for big businesses. However, much like their smaller counterparts, fluorescent lighting can be straining on the eyes. Linear fluorescents are harder to find with compatibility for dimmers, though we believe that it’s well worth the investment to make these bright lights less grating on the eyes without losing out on the overall brightness of the room.

LED Fixtures

LED fixtures are the upgraded version of LED bulbs. These lights can be massive, and come in different shapes to fit different spaces. Most often they’ll come in tubes, like the linear fluorescent bulbs, with the same brightness and greater efficiency than the fluorescent options. This makes them equally effective at lighting large office spaces and conference halls, while also having the adaptability of LEDs and their compatibility with dimmers and color adjustments. This can make them less grating on the eyes while still providing a good deal of brightness and without needing to buy special fixtures or bulbs to make your lighting more effective. They are also the most expensive option, but much like their screw-in version, these LED fixtures will last a long time and have a number of built-in benefits most lights can’t handle.


Every office is unique, which is why there’s no one right solution for your office space. You may need a combination of light bulbs to truly tailor to your office space efficiently. Automated Lights and Shades wants to help make your Manhattan office the brightest version it can be. Contact us today for more on light fixtures to suit your commercial lighting or to schedule an estimate so we can start on tailor fitting your lighting to your business. Improving your commercial lighting can be as easy as flipping a switch.