Keeping your home or business safe is important, but sometimes a security system doesn’t feel like it will be enough. If you’re looking to improve your residential or commercial security, Automated Lights and Shades is here to discuss how a better lighting system for your home, like Lutron Homeworks, can improve security, whether you’re at your property or not.

High Risks

Darkly lit buildings are easy targets for break-ins. Without light, it’s easy for burglars to slip on and off your property without anyone noticing them there. An unlit home often is a sign to burglars that either no one is home or everyone is asleep, meaning it is less likely that there is someone in the home who would be able to immediately call the police if the burglar is caught, if someone is at home at all. For businesses, this can make them look even more exposed once the lights turn off since very few businesses have overnight security.

Security systems do a great job at reducing potential crimes, but sometimes a burglar would rather take their chances if they feel like no one is there. This is how automated lighting can help.

Movement Detection

Outdoor movement sensors already are a warm welcome for you. They help you lock your car and walk inside without fumbling with keys or locks, either at night or in the morning. But motion-detecting lights aren’t just there to welcome you when you return to your home or business. They’ll detect any movement and turn on, including any would-be burglars. Automated lighting can help any security cameras do their jobs better, as well as make your property well lit and feel more observed, making it less likely a burglar would risk breaking in.

Always Home

A property that is well lit feels better monitored, which means it’s less likely to be targeted. This isn’t just for exterior lights though, like the above, it’s also for interior lights. If you’re running late getting home or to work, but don’t want burglars to feel like they might have a chance sneaking onto your property, you can set your lights to automatically turn on at certain times of the day. This can set a schedule for your property, even if you or another employee can’t make that schedule one day. It adds to the feeling of the property being monitored, and even if there is a possibility that no one is there, burglars will weigh the risks of finding out more seriously and be less inclined to try.

Connected Tech

With automated lighting options, such as Lutron Homeworks, you can integrate your automated lighting with your security system. Say the unspeakable happens, and you actually do have a break-in. With automated lighting working with your security system, you can have break-ins turn on all the lights on your property, lighting the room and making it easier for cameras to get quality images of the criminal. Further, a sudden burst of floodlights around the property, coupled with your security system’s alarm, can encourage others to contact the police as they become alerted to the situation faster.

Having your property broken into can make many feel helpless, but there are solutions. Improving your property’s security through automated lighting can help you feel safer about your business or home by reducing the risk of potential break-ins. Contact Automated Lights and Shades today to start implementing new light control systems to keep your property protected or to schedule an estimate to see how we can help. Better security for your Manhattan property can be as easy as flipping a switch, so don’t wait.