The kind of light we’re exposed affects our day-to-day life and productivity. This is as much true at home as it is at work, which means the kind of lighting you have for your employees has an effect on their work, and also their health. If you want the best for your employees’ productivity and health, here are a few ways lighting affects us while we work.

Natural Lighting

Sunlight has a ton of positive effects on our body. It provides us with vitamins, boosts our immune system, and helps produce more serotonin to make us happier. It’s safe to say that sunlight is the best kind of light for us, and for the productivity of your office space. Where you can, adding more windows is a great way to keep your office lit and improve the mood inside the office.

That said, be careful not to let too much sunlight into your office. The glare at sunrise and sunset can interfere with your office’s work. If you want to keep your office moving ahead without worrying about the sun, install office blinds to block the sun when it becomes a problem instead and still gain the benefits of the light during the rest of the day. Automated Lights and Shades installs commercial blinds and shutters in Manhattan and all the New York boroughs. We’re excited to help you make your office take advantage of as much sunlight as possible.

Indoor Lighting

The lights you have inside change most of your office with the flip of a switch. Turn on the lights, and suddenly you have a lit office space that can be worked in. But indoor lighting is more than just that. With light control, lights can add color tints that help keep employees awake or prevent glare from the sunlight.

On rainy days, your indoor lighting is the heavy lifter, keeping your whole office bright and well lit so your employees can focus on their work instead of squinting at their screens. When that office is well lit, it becomes a passive bonus to the atmosphere. When you don’t have to worry about the brightness, you focus on what’s in front of you, which keeps people focused on their goals and not on whether they can see their work or not.

However, relying only on indoor lighting can have adverse effects on your office. Your indoor lighting should complement your office’s amount of sunlight since extended periods of only using artificial lighting can cause eye strain.

Quality Lighting

If a room is too bright or too dim, it can become a hurdle for your employees to navigate instead of helping them focus on their work. It’s important that in workspaces there is bright enough light that your employees can see their desk space and work unhindered. If the lighting isn’t just right, it can cause serious eye strain and long-term damage to your employee’s eyesight.

However, in limited situations, changing the brightness may help increase certain types of productivity. If you need to boost a brainstorming session, try dimming the lights to help employees relax and focus more on their ideas. If you need everyone to perk up and focus, increasing the brightness can help get everyone awake and alert to focus on their task at hand.


If you’re looking for better light control or need help installing office blinds and shutters in your office, then contact Automated Lights and Shades. We’re Manhattan’s top choice for light control, helping your employees get back to doing what they’re good at. Contact us today to get started on brightening your office.