Glare is a distraction that prevents your employees from getting their work done as efficiently as they could be. There are easy ways to cut down on glare in your workplace to make your office more efficient. Automated Lights and Shades wants to help you make your office more productive, which is why we’re talking about how you can improve your workplace efficiency by cutting down on glare.

Move Lights

The easiest thing you can do is reposition lights. Light sources are where glare comes from, so moving it will immediately have an effect on the source of glare. However, if you have ceiling lights or lots of windows letting in sunlight, this may become more complicated. Start by moving lamps or leaving ceiling lights off if you already get enough sunlight, then move to plans on installing more efficient commercial lighting.

If you are in a situation where you have overhead lights, a simple solution may be installing LED bulbs and dimmers. These can be adjusted based on the time of day to reduce overhead glare, while still providing lighting in an office without much sunlight.

Reposition Desks

If you can’t move the lights, then move the furniture. Facing computers directly towards light sources is guaranteed to give you serious glare on your screens. Instead, position furniture to better suit your light sources. Simply facing a desk to be perpendicular to a light source will prevent glare from falling on the screen or in your employee’s eyes.

Cover the Walls

Most offices have white or lighter colored walls. These colors reflect light, bouncing glare around wherever it hits. To minimize this effect, cover your walls. Cut down on the reflective surfaces with pictures, blocking it with plants, or by putting furniture in the way. With more objects in the way, it’s less likely for light to be able to reflect off and hit someone’s screen with a harsh glare.

If you don’t want to add a lot of new features in your office, you can instead paint your walls. Greys and darker colors better absorb light and also prevent glare from reflection. Make sure you paint your walls a nice matte paint though, or the gloss will undo the good of painting the walls!

Install Tinted Glass

Much like tinted glass in cars, commercial tinted window glass can prevent the amount of glare in your office without severely cutting down on the lighting. It can also help keep your office building safer as tinted windows are harder to see through in passing, keeping your information secure on your screens. This option is one of the more expensive suggestions as it means replacing all of the windows in your office, which takes a lot of time and money. But the effect is well worth the investment in the end.

Add New Shades

If you still need help cutting down on glare, you should consider installing new shades to your office. Shades can be a simple solution, allowing your employees to close them during extra sunny times of the day when glare is high, and open them for more light when glare is less of an issue. If you want to go the extra mile, you can install motorized shades, which can be controlled remotely, or with solar panels, automatically adjusting based on the time of the time and weather.

If you’re looking to cut down on glare in your Manhattan office, choose Automated Lights and Shades. We offer a wide selection of stylish commercial shades that are sure to match your office and help your team get back to work without worrying about glare. Contact us today to schedule an estimate, or for questions on our selection of commercial office shades and light fixtures.