1. How Lighting Affects the Productivity of Your Workers

    If you’ve ever talked to an art student or a designer, you may have heard of something called “color theory.” Roughly, it’s the idea that certain colors evoke certain ideas in our heads, like red making us hungry or green making us think of wealth. While this theory is normally applied to co…Read More

  2. Hallway with lights and multiple rooms on each side

    A Guide To LED Lighting In The Office Space

    Automated Lights & Shades offers a wide variety of LED lighting options to the Manhattan and Brooklyn area, but what exactly is LED lighting and why should your office switch to it? Today, we want to give you a guide on how these bulbs are different and how they can save you money in the long ru…Read More

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    Commercial Lighting Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    Whether you work in a small startup company with five people, or you’re a manager at a large retail chain, the office environment you work in can have a tremendous effect on the happiness and productivity of your employees. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the right commercial lighting ca…Read More

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    The Top Tips For The Best Office Lighting

    The lighting in your office is an integral part of your workplace. It can have a tremendous impact on the happiness and productivity of your employees, and it’s not something that should be overlooked. If you’re thinking about changing or upgrading the lighting in your commercial space, but you …Read More

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    The Complete Commercial Lighting Guide

    The commercial lighting in your workplace can have a significant impact on the productivity and happiness of your employees and customers. If you’re thinking about upgrading your business’ commercial lights or you’re constructing a new office and need help deciding which types of lights to inv…Read More

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    Top Ways Office Lights Can Improve Employee Productivity

    The lighting in your commercial office plays several roles, and understanding these roles can make a significant impact on employee productivity and satisfaction. It’s been shown that the office environment can have an incredible influence on the productivity of your staff, in addition to other pe…Read More

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    The Different Types Of Commercial Lighting Styles

    Whether you’re moving office spaces across Manhattan or you’re opening a brand new salon in New Jersey, the office lighting you choose for your business is very important. When an office is poorly lit, it can lead to low productivity and eye strain. When an office has too much lighting, it can b…Read More

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    Welcome To Our Lighting Blog!

    Welcome to the Automated Lights & Shades blog! Here, you’ll find a variety of articles on the installation of home theaters, automated shades, smart home automation, security and intercom systems, and more. We’ve been providing the Manhattan and Brooklyn area with professional lighting and s…Read More