1. Office with desks and workers

    4 Signs Your Office Needs New Lights

    Keeping your commercial ceiling lights on in your office is important to your business. After all, everyone needs to see to get work done. Light fixtures may be expensive, but faulty lighting is more inefficient and also a workplace hazard if not replaced soon enough. Automated Lights and Shades’ …Read More

  2. Hanging light bulb inside metal decoration

    Which Light Bulb is Best for Your Office?

    Choosing light bulbs for your office can be a difficult choice. There are a lot of options on the market, and the choice you make could result in needing to change your light fixtures to fit your bulbs as well. Automated Lights and Shades works with businesses in the Manhattan area, and we have year…Read More

  3. Construction workers standing on scaffolding

    How To Prepare For An Commercial Light Installation

    If you’re preparing for a commercial light installation, you likely have already done a good deal of planning. Automated Lights and Shades wants to help you make your installation process simpler. This blog will discuss the steps you need to take to prepare for your commercial installation to make…Read More

  4. Large room with many people working on computers

    What Is A Light Profile & How Does It Affect Commercial Lighting?

    Have you ever watched a video and suddenly the lighting starts to change, seemingly on its own? We aren’t talking about haunted houses where the lights are supposed to flicker, but rather those times when the tint or shade of the lighting seems to change rapidly on the camera even if the lights th…Read More

  5. Four hanging lights above wood table

    How Long Will Your Light Bulbs Last

    Before you start your commercial lighting project, you’ve likely put some thought into your new fixtures and what kinds of light bulbs you’ll need for your new lighting. We know that the ongoing costs of lighting and electric are a big concern for any light project, which is why we want to help …Read More

  6. Upward angle of dozens of light bulbs hanging from ceiling

    Which Light Bulb is Right for Me?

    Choosing lights that fit your office and needs is difficult. There are a lot of choices, and you don’t want to sink a lot of money into brand new light fixtures only to be stuck with light bulbs that don’t work well for your office space. This is why Automated Lights & Shades works with Lutr…Read More

  7. White building interior with glass windows all around

    Choosing Commercial Lighting For Your Office Space

    When you’re picking new light fixtures for your office, there are so many choices to choose from. Perhaps you’re installing lights as part of a recent remodel, or maybe you’re updating your lighting to increase productivity. Whatever the reason, Automated Lights and Shades is here to help you …Read More

  8. Building interior with round, wooden walls and structure beams

    Remember These Important Office Lighting Tips

    There are so many guides to better office lighting these days it can feel overwhelming. That’s why Automated Lights and Shades is here to help. Our team of professional electricians installs new commercial ceiling lights every day, which is why we’re confident with the tips we have to offer to h…Read More

  9. How Lighting Affects the Productivity of Your Workers

    If you’ve ever talked to an art student or a designer, you may have heard of something called “color theory.” Roughly, it’s the idea that certain colors evoke certain ideas in our heads, like red making us hungry or green making us think of wealth. While this theory is normally applied to co…Read More