1. Desk in front of window with open blinds

    Picking Blinds For Your Office

    Cutting down on glare is important for any business, and adding office blinds is a great way to improve efficiency. There are however plenty of options and the choice you make comes down to a number of factors; matching your office’s style, effectiveness, and price. Automated Lights and Shades wan…Read More

  2. Sitting area with windows overlooking buildings

    Reducing Glare In the Office

    Glare is a distraction that prevents your employees from getting their work done as efficiently as they could be. There are easy ways to cut down on glare in your workplace to make your office more efficient. Automated Lights and Shades wants to help you make your office more productive, which is wh…Read More

  3. How Office Lighting Can Affect Your Workforce

    The kind of light we’re exposed affects our day-to-day life and productivity. This is as much true at home as it is at work, which means the kind of lighting you have for your employees has an effect on their work, and also their health. If you want the best for your employees’ productivity and …Read More

  4. Man sitting at wooden table working on computer

    How to Properly Light Your Office

    A dimly lit office can leave your employees with headaches from eye strain and tired from the dark atmosphere. Overly lit offices can watery eyes and more headaches from eye strain. A properly lit office can increase productivity and company morale, not to mention it makes your office more attractiv…Read More

  5. Meeting room with long table and many chairs

    Bad Mood in the Workplace? Try Changing the Lights

    Have you noticed a sour mood at your business? Employees buying their own desk lamps? Everyone taking lunch outside instead of in the break room? There’s a good chance that the lighting in your office is contributing to tense feelings in the work environment. While it’s true that dim lighting ca…Read More