Why Battery-Powered Shades Are Right For Your Business

For many companies, getting through just a single workday without distractions can feel like an impossible task. Productivity requires both focus and a comfortable place, but it’s simply not possible with issues such as sun glare or temperature fluctuations. When you have the right design features in your Manhattan office, though, those distractions disappear.

At Automated Lights and Shades, we’re an exclusive dealer of Lutron’s commercial battery-powered shades. Lutron gives you the option to choose fabrics for your office shades that not only match the decor of your workplace, but also block out heat and glare as much or as little as you desire. 

Choose from a wide variety of shade and blind designs to boost the personality of your office and make a great impression on potential clients. Plus, the whole system is powered by the longest-lasting batteries in the industry, offering you quiet, simple light control for your office.

When you partner with us, we make all of the above and more a reality. Schedule an appointment today, and we will meet you at your business to go over your needs and pair you with only the products and services you need. Our commitment to customer service means we’re always on time and always available to resolve problems and answer questions. To schedule your commercial lighting consultation, contact us today.