Become More Energy Efficient

Every business has the desire to save money. You want your company to grow and your employees to prosper without spending a fortune on your electrical bills. That doesn’t mean you can skimp out on providing the necessary lighting, heating, and cooling services your employees need to perform.

Before you switch out your light bulbs for strategically placed candles, let us help. Automated Lights and Shades is proud to be an exclusive provider of Lutron products, meaning we have the tools to enhance the way your place of business consumes energy. We can help you increase your energy efficiency while also boosting convenience and satisfaction. 

With our commercial shading systems, your office shades can be set to automatically open wider in certain locations during winter to take advantage of passive solar heating. Each Lutron dimmer is designed to easily reduce your energy consumption, and temperature controls allow you to make intelligent adjustments to heating and cooling systems at any time of the day or night.

When you reach out to us, we’ll perform a consultation at your office and go over products and services that accurately fit your needs. Years of experience make installations quick and efficient, while our commitment to customer service means we always have your back. Contact us today to schedule a commercial lighting appointment!