We Offer The Light Fixtures To Fit Your Needs

Before you arrive home, it’s just a house — walls, floors, and a sturdy roof. It’s what you do next which gradually brings your living space together. The details are what transforms a house into a home, and when you can select just the right lighting fixtures, your home becomes truly special.

At Automated Lights and Shades, we think the only way to deliver a special experience is by providing our clients with special products. That’s why we’re an exclusive dealer for Lutron, and we’re thrilled to offer a wide range of lighting fixtures. Numerous LED lighting types such as cylinder options, recessed trims, and modular systems featuring diverse elements put you in control. From highlighting a certain feature in a specific room to allowing a soft glow to wash over an area, the choice is in your hands.

Our team will meet with you to perform a comprehensive in-home presentation. With years of installation experience, we can set up your new system quickly. Our design expertise allows us to make recommendations for products that complement your style. The result is a lighting suite like none other so you truly have a place to call home. To schedule your appointment, contact us today.