Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

You can control any of our residential lighting systems from your mobile device from wherever you are.

A variety of wireless components allow you to customize and expand your residential lighting system from a single room to your whole home. Seamlessly integrate with the full line of Lutron wireless shades and drapes, as well as occupancy/vacancy sensors and Lutron thermostats, for total smart residential light control.

Want to remodel or retrofit your home with the best new technology? No problem — add ambiance to a room by replacing existing switches with dimmers or add residential wireless smart lighting and shade control to your home.

New construction? Personalize your new space with lighting control that meets the needs of each space. Make your home unique by controlling your lights with sleek keypads and accessories, and by adding automated shades that coordinate with your décor.

Safety & Comfort: Inside And Out

There are few sights more comforting than your warmly lit house. Imagine the end of dark houses and the end of fumbling for a light switch. Imagine arriving home and being greeted by the soft glow of twinkling lights. Imagine making all that a reality.

Conveniently turn on your lights from your car as you approach your home with smart light control. Create a path of lights from your front door to your kitchen, so you’ll never have to walk through a dark house again.


Clear Connect RF technology from Lutron sets the bar for reliability. Your residential lighting system will work precisely and accurately every time you use it.

Automated Lights & Shades has partnered with Lutron to create a quantum leap forward in how you manage your lighting. With an expanded wireless total home control system, you can manage daylight, electric light, and temperature with just the touch of a button. Lower the temperature remotely while you’re away and turn it up before you arrive home. The system also manages power intelligently, with thoughtful touches such as turning off standby power to smaller appliances when they aren’t in use.

Making residential light control a reality in your home is easier than you think. With years of experience and total familiarity with Lutron’s product lines, we’ll perform a residential consultation and pair you with only the features you need. To brighten your life, contact us today.