Discover unparalleled, total residential light, heating, and security control. When you choose HomeWorks QS, you’re investing in a system that will redefine your way of living.

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s more control, but what if you had unprecedented control over your home? What if you could arm and disarm your homes’ security systems while away, have your favorite music playing to welcome you home after a great day at work, or effortlessly and remotely adjust the interior lighting?

Now you can when you partner with Automated Lights and Shades. As an exclusive dealer of Lutron products, we’re proud to introduce the Lutron HomeWorks system. It’s designed to offer homeowners fully integrated control over lighting, shading, audio/visual suites, HVAC systems, and home security. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, allows you to set the right residential lighting and establish the perfect mood within any area of your home, arm and disarm the alarm, or nudge the heat up a bit. The system also integrates with audio, visual, and HVAC systems from a variety of immaculately designed keypad and face-plate options, giving you the control you’ve been seeking all over your house.

Powered by Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology, reliability and accuracy are the norm. We’ll come to you to perform a residential consultation and give you the ability to select the features you want. Years of experience and a commitment to delivering five-star customer service means you’ll have your system installed exactly how you want it. Ready to take the first step? Contact us today!